Sunday, 19 March 2017

Abit of a tangent...

Hello lovelies! Today I bring you a bit of a different kind of post. Several months ago a company called Red Vape offered to send me some e-liquids for my boyfriend, Kyle, to try as he is using an e-cigarette! Kyle is always on the look for new e-liquids and has found so many tasty flavours and combinations that he wouldn't even want to smoke again! In this sense, despite controversies with e-cigarettes I believe vaping is a very powerful and effective way of quitting smoking!

Redvape sent two of their flavours which were Angel Berry and Noir Orange. Kyle has finished using both of these now and was thrilled with how strong and true to the description these liquids are. AngelBerry provided a lovely fruity taste with notes of raspberry, blueberries and apple, that he could only describe as mouthwatering!

Noir Orange definitely caught our attention and the taste was gorgeous, the dark chocolate tasting so authentic it was mind boggling.

We give these liquids a big thumbs up and would definitely recommend giving Red Vape ago to anyone who is considering stopping smoking or for anyone who has already seen the benefits of vaping for themselves.

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((Images from Red Vape website)

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Every Girl Needs A Little Black Necklace

Hi guys, it has been a few days since I last posted which is soon frustrating as I had been on such a good streak but sometimes life throws unexpected things at you; I have been pretty poorly the last few days but getting better by the day ☺️

Today I have a very special review for you in collaboration with a brand that truly excites me! James Viana kindly contacted me and asked if I would be happy for them to send me a piece of jewellery from their collection and when it arrived it felt like it was designed just for me.

Now, for anybody that knows me you will know that when it comes to jewellery I love pieces that feature one primary gem or colour and has accents that work in harmony to bring this out, as opposed to very bright, brash pieces that have several schemes going on at once. I was very lucky to be sent their Sterling Silver Pendant stud which features gorgeous sapphire gemstones. The gemstones are so dainty and beautiful and are in a lovely colour of sapphire that is so dark that it looks black with a navy tint when exposed to light, almost giving the effect of the colour of the bottom of the ocean.

It sits wonderfully around the neck and is ever so stunning. James Viana caught my attention initially and obviously for their phenomenal jewellery pieces that emit a sense of classiness, but also caught my attention for the fact that 10% of their profits goes to causes for women. If you read my last post you know that this is an amazing thing for me to see. I really recommend that you guys go check out James Viana and I will leave all of their links below, if not only for the gorgeous jewellery then also for the charitable benefit. With James Viana soon extending their brand to also feature handbags, footwear etc so this is definitely a brand to keep an eye on and James Viana were kind enough to provide me with a discount code for you guys for 20%! Just enter the code: JVBO20% at checkout!

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Why I Can Love Lipstick & Eyeliner And Still Love Politics, Stormzy And Gaming

I didn't imagine that I would be writing a post like this a mere 12 hours after International Womens Day had ended but reading an article this morning sparked something inside of me that couldn't be silenced until I expressed it. Let me begrudgingly introduce you to Janusz Korwin-Mikke; a Polish MEP with a view of the world that ever so widely differs from my own. Being at the centre of the media's attention is clearly something that Janusz enjoys and is very much so using this to his advantage.

Initially he came into the limelight and first hit headlines a week ago by claiming in an EU parliamentary meeting that he believes that "women should earn less than men" and to add to the absurdity his reasoning behind this is that they are shorter/smaller and much weaker than men?????? Janusz has also come under fire in the past for his racist comments but he came back into headlines this week by questioning what have women done and asked a group of women to name an invention that women have created and that they wouldn't be able to. Ignorance cannot be an excuse here, just sheer idiocy and sexism. Well Janusz let me introduce you to some of the amazing inventions by some incredible women to help educate you and anyone with the same mindset;

1.) Margaret A. Wilcox - The car heater and the dishwasher

2.) Anna Connelly - The fire escape

3.) Maria Beasley - The lift raft (also helping to save lives on the Titanic may I add!!!!!)

4.) Letitia Geer - The Medical Syringe 

5.) Grace Murray Hopper - Computer software 

The fact that someone in 2017 with THIS much power and influence has these views truly breaks my heart. On a day when we are all bringing each other up and fighting for our rights, achievements and beauty; to see something like this is like taking 100 steps backwards. We already face enough hardships but despite these individuals we are making such great progress, we will get there one day and shatter that glass ceiling into more pieces than Cinderella's glass slipper.

I am extremely proud that we have reached a point in society where more and more people are accepting of the fact that there is no 'ideal woman' and women can be whoever they want to be whilst middle fingering all of the current gender stereotypes. Women can love anything we want and do anything we want. I know so many beautiful individuals that continually show us all everyday that stereotypes are just social constructs that are ridiculous and historic. I know amazing women who stream gaming, stereotypically a mans hobby and are fucking killing it, reeling in so many views and also so much money, but are also anticipating the release of the new Two Faced Palette? I know amazing women who love nothing more than kicking a ball around a football pitch, scoring goals and coming home to a glass of wine and sticking on their favourite LBD and enjoying a night of getting ready and going out with their girls. Everytime we show the world these we show that these expectations and constructs don't define us; so I will continue to love politics, listening to Grime, playing GTA and beating my face for the gods.


Sources; Buzzfeed


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Blogger Recognition Award

Hey sweeties, how exciting is this! I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award! How exciting is that! I feel so honoured and privileged to be nominated for an award like this so early on and I am so thankful to be nominated.  

The gorgeous Abi over at Home Of Abs nominated me and I was so thrilled to see this on my timeline, especially from such a wonderful and inspirational lady! Make sure you all check her out and show her some love :)  


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-Give a brief story on why you started your blog.

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- Comment on each blog to let them know you have nominated them and provide a link to the post you created.

Why I started my blog?

I started my blog for many reasons but the main reason being that I have always loved writing from such a young age and have always been an avid reader, so once I had found topics I was interested in I knew I wanted to start a blog!!! It helps me in terms of my anxiety as it allows me to focus and hone in on one thing and this helps calm the nerves and the over thinking! I have met some amazing people, some of which will be linked below and I can't wait to meet even more incredible people.


1.)  Stacey
2.) Zofia
3.) Cody
4.) Leigh
5.) Josh
6.) Sofia
7.) Sare
8.) Megan
9.) Hannah
10.) Marc
11.) Lydia
12.) Ella
13.) Leah
14.) Stacey
15.) Frances

All of the above as so incredible and deserve all of the love!



Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Sugar Overload - Bellyboos Review

Hey guys, today I have a mini review for you all and one that is very exciting!

Today me and Kyle visited somewhere that we have wanted to visit for the longest time and that is BellyBoos. Bellyboos is a sweet shop located on Gorleston High Street that originally was known for stocking all of the American goodies and was adored by me and my friends whilst we were at sixth form to get that sugary treat between lessons but more recently it has developed and now features tables outside and seating areas inside for their customers to sit as they enjoy a freakishly large milkshake!

It is a family run and owned business and all staff have been very welcoming and lovely whenever we have visited but today was our first time trying one of these milkshakes.

I opted for The TNT which is the Nutella variety. This milkshake came with cream oozing around the edges, chocolate drizzled on top and was completed with a Nutella muffin on the top with a straw through the top, all inside a empty jar of Nutella!

Kyle opted for the Kinder option and the menu describes this as "vanilla ice cream blended with Bueno, topped with cream, various Kinder chocolate and a Kinder egg", delicious!

We both left feeling very satisfied and happy and this will definitely kill our sweet tooth cravings for the foreseeable future, we would deffo recommend BellyBoos to anyone who is in the area and fancies a sweet treat.

(featuring Kyle's snapchat of me with his favourite filter)
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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Boyfriend Tag


Hello guys! Today I have ANOTHER tag post for you and that is The Boyfriend Tag! I thought this would be an interesting way for you to learn a bit more about me by learning about one of the most important people in my life, also a good introduction to my lovely boyfriend Kyle! 

1.) Where did you first meet?

We first met through work, however we didn't really speak for a long time, we became friends after a work event both highly intoxicated, how embarrassing 

2.) What was your first date?

 It wasn't a date as such haha! But the first time that we went out and met up outside of work was for a walk to the pier in the evening in winter. However we were both poorly prepared for the barely above freezing weather, i wasn't even wearing socks!!! So we spent most of the evening shivering and had to go to KFC to warm up!

                   3.) What was your first impression of me?

K: Quiet, very quiet! Dressed like a skater (erm???) and a pretty girl
S: Very loud! (opposites clearly attract!) 

       4.) When did you meet the family?

Both before we were together! When we were friends and visited each others houses, so this happened pretty early on, our parents were fans of the other very early on which was lovely.

5.) What is a weird habit of each other?

K: Light switches, turns them on and off about 10 times!
S: Having the most disgusting food combinations ever, ew!

6.) How long have you two been together?
 2 years! 

7.) Do we have any traditions?

Not really; the only tradition that we have is that when football is on we switch sofas because we are complete weirdos that have a sofa each that is our own??????

8.) First thing you noticed about me?

K: Your eyeliner, it was so much

True, true my eyeliner was soon extra back then, Sophie Ellis Bexter wannabe

9.) Favourite restaurant to go to together?

It was Bella Italia, it was the only restaurant that never let us down but unfortunately we had a very negative experience a few weeks ago  so probably Nandos now!

10.) What is something you argue about the most?


11.) Who wears the pants?
K: Me obviously
S: Yeahhh ( i like to let him think this is true)

12.)  If I am watching TV what am I watching?

K: AHS and always KUWTKS or Teen Mum UK

13.) Is there any food that we don't like?

K&S: mushrooms and tomatoes, gross

14.) What is one talent I have?

K: Makeup

THIS IS SUCH A COMPLIMENT, he definitely put a smile on my face with this one 

15.) Whats is my favourite cereal?

K: Cinnamon Grahams

yes yes yes 

16.) Do I like sports?

K: Well because I support Liverpool you support them to and like football

Hmmm, I don't think it works that way 

Thats all the questions for today guys, I hope you enjoyed getting to know me and Kyle better!

Thank you for reading!



Friday, 27 January 2017

Morphe 35F Palette Review

Hello everyone! Today I am posting abut something that is very exciting to me and that is reviewing one of my favourite palettes from 2016! Despite only purchasing this product in October last year it soon became a firm favourite and a everyday staple product.

This palette retails for £21.00 on Beauty Bay which is where I purchased it and let me just say that if you are interested in this palette then you have to move fast! I purchased this palette with no idea of HOW popular and in demand this product is. A good friend of mine has been continuously checking Beauty Bay all the time to try and get her hands on this palette and it has been out of stock each time, however I believe that it is in stock on Cult Beauty as I post this.

The palette includes a variety of matte and metallic/shimmer shades with 7 matte shades and 28 shimmer shades. This palette was a staple for me for Autumn and Winter and the colours compliment and work together PERFECTLY. Morphe describes the palette as "featuring 7 highly pigmented matte shades and 28 rich metallic colors, this is the palette your will reach for to wake up your looks with a touch of eye-catching shimmer. The 7 matte colors offer necessary neutrals from flesh toned to black that ensure an effortless, well-blended look every time." In my opinion I would fully agree with this. The shimmers are phenomenal and the colour pay off and pigment is up there with a lot of my high end eye shadow palettes, despite being half of the price! 

The shadows blend like butter and seamlessly, leaving your eyes with the PERFECT blend. Each of the shimmers have beautiful pigment and this is without any glitter glue, Fix Plus or any enhancing products. Below I will insert images of each row, with and without flash so you can see the pigment and pay off for yourself.

The only criticism I will have of this palette is that the packaging is plastic and is very plain and does not feature a mirror. This is personally not a big issues for me but I know that this may be a big downside for other people!

I hope you enjoyed my review of this palette and all swatches will be down below and I will speak to you guys soon!